Draw Piping Isometrics and Manage Fabrication

Draft spools faster, use inventory more efficiently, plan your NDE logically

Draw Piping Isometrics

Quickly produce installation isometrics and fabrication spool drawings. Work from hand sketches or just draw them directly.

Auto-Generate Bill of Materials

As you draw, the BOM generates and updates itself automatically.

Track Spools

You can assign welding lots and output to a variety of cutting machines.

Import IDF and PCF Files

You can start by importing IDFs & PCFs to  utilize SpoolFab's features.

Draw Bio-Pharmaceutical Fittings

Used in vaccine plants, food plants and more, Bio-Pharm is now in Beta.

New in SpoolFab 10

Dark Mode

Reduce eye strain during prolonged work with a chalkboard appearance.

New in SpoolFab 10

Piping Isometrics Drawing and Fabrication Management Software

Start with IDF or PCF files, installation drawings, or draw spools directly. The creation of piping spools enables you to record heat numbers and release drawings to fabrication. Record weld details, non-destructive evaluations and generate reports.

Draw Piping Isometrics Efficiently

Create isometric drawings in minutes:
3 clicks to draw a pipe, 3 clicks to add an elbow, 1 click to add a dimension and 3 clicks to print.

Easy isometric interface
Import IDF or PCF files
Allows for flexible drawing

Track Spools

SpoolFab's inventory system enables the automatic inventorying and subsequent generation of reports such as:
- Job Status Reports
- Material Reports
- Field, Tack and Shop Weld Reports
- And More...

Assign Welding Lots
Output to Cutting Machines

Multi-Industry Application

SpoolFab supports a collection of common carbon steel, stainless steel, and MaxPure BPE Fittings and allows for the addition of your own specifications.

Bio-Pharm Piping

Draw ferrules, tees, elbows and valves with clamps on the clamped ends.

Carbon Steel Piping

Draw carbon steel piping and fittings.

Stainless Piping

Draw stainless steel piping and fittings.

Getting Started Documentation

New in SpoolFab 10

Bio-Pharm Fittings

SpoolFab 10 Beta supports drawing BPE piping & fittings with clamped ends.

Scroll Wheel Zooming

Zoom smoothly with your scroll wheel instead of a context menu.

Dark Mode

A modern, comfortable appearance resembling a chalkboard.