How to Set Up a New Client, Job And Spec


Create a new Client, Job, and Spec which is necessary when beginning a project.

SpoolFab starts with a splash screen that shows the key number as shown below. If the key is not found, refer to K0001, Installing SpoolFab.

Dismiss the splash screen by clicking on it. The Start screen appears as shown below.
In the Drawn By field, enter your initials, then exit and relaunch SpoolFab for the change to take effect.

When first installed, the SFClients folder will contain just one client, CLIENT-001, and one job, JOB-001. Its directory structure is shown below.  

Create Your Own Client and Job

Each drawing you pay for is identified based on the client folder name, the job folder name, and the control number.  If you create a drawing and then change the client or job folder names, the next change to the drawing will consume one drawing count. So pick the client folder and job folder names carefully to start with and do not change them. Similarly, if you use Save As to save a drawing to a new control number, that will consume one count. However, from then on that drawing is treated as yours. 

To create a new client,  select File, New Client. <cf>

The New Client Folder name should have 9 characters or less, no spaces. The New Client Name can be longer and can include spaces.

When ready, hit Apply. <cf>

To create a job under this client, select File, New Job.

Enter the new job name and new job folder name.

When ready, hit Apply. <cf>

At this point the new job is listed but its subfolders do not exist yet.

Select Edit, Job/Spec Setup.
This creates the job’s directory
structure as shown and brings
up the Job Setup window.

Select a Layout and Set Job Options

Before you can draw, you need at least
one layout and one spec. Start by
selecting a layout for fabrication drawings.

Select a layout from those listed under
SFClients\Data\Layouts. You can change to a different layout later if needed.

The Job Options window appears:

Select the desired job options and click OK.

Select a Spec

Back on the Job Setup window, you need to select a spec. <cf>

One way to establish a spec is to import one from an existing job. You can import multiple specs in one operation.  

Another way to establish a spec is to use Create New Spec.

Enter the new spec name, then select whether to base it on an existing piping system or an existing spec. <cf>

If you are asked to choose a layout for installation drawings, choose 11x17-no-inspection:

A spec is presented for you to edit.  

Editing a spec is described in K0003.