Drawing Quick Start with Video


Get started by drawing some fundamentals: pipes, elbows, tees, and dimensions.

Quick Start to Drawing a Piping Spool

This section shows how to draw pipe, BW elbows, reducing tees, and a weld neck flange. It also shows how to toggle a flange image, reposition an item tag, and delete the last item drawn. When you first start to draw a piping spool, you are faced with a blank drawing with a kind of “star” in the middle. The letters around the star are U,N,E,D,S,W, for Up, North, East, Down, South, and West. Click once wherever you want to start to draw. The star will move to that location. Then click on one of the direction letters to start drawing in that direction.

If there is more than one spec, you will be prompted to choose which spec you want to draw with. Then you will be prompted for a starting size. Choose the 10 inch size.

Let’s start by drawing a 10-inch pipe:

Start the 10 inch pipe with a bevel end.

The next click places the item tag, and the final click ends the pipe:

Draw a 90° Long Radius Elbow:

Click on the end of the pipe and select 90 Elbow.

You may need to choose LR Elbows if the spec has more than one elbow choice switched on. Click the right mouse button or press the spacebar as required to rotate the elbow until it points up. Press ENTER or the left mouse button to accept the direction and complete the elbow. Indicate your preferred position for the dimension by clicking near one of the dotted lines.

Enter the Dimension

Enter 5’ 6 ¾ inches as shown below. The displayed fitting length is the sum of the 10inch LR Elbow dimension plus the weld gap for 10 inch size, which for this spec is 1/16inch.

The overall dimension of 5 ft 6 ¾ inches is displayed, with the pipe cut length shown underneath in parentheses.

Draw a Reducing Tee:

Click on the open end of the LR Elbow and select Tee:

Select Red Tee and make the branch size 6 inch: