Custom Headers for Weld Editing


In a SpoolFab Fabrication drawing, when you press Ctrl-T to bring up the weld editing form, by default you get the headers as shown below:

This view is showing only some of the available fields. For more details, select Set, Edit column widths and headers.

For example, you might want to edit header “Insp1” to be “X-Ray” or “RT” instead.

There can be up to ten types of inspection, each with its own date field. This is probably more than you need, and certainly more than there is room to show on the drawing.

Displaying Diameter Inches for Individual Welds

Starting in SpoolFab version 8-870, there is the option to populate one of the inspection fields with the factored diameter inch value. For example, to make Insp4 populate with FDI, change its column header from Insp4 to Insp4DI. The diameter inch value for each weld will then be entered in the Insp4 column and can be displayed on the drawing.

Custom Headers in Weld Editing Form.

You can now customize the column widths and modify the headers in the weld editing form. For example, you can have Insp1 show as X-Ray or RT. You need full access permission to drawings, otherwise the menu items are disabled.

To customize the column widths, first adjust the column widths the way you want them. Then select Set/Save column widths and headers. Then select Edit column widths and headers.  The list comes up in NotePad as shown:

The numbers represent the widths of the individual columns. Edit the column widths and the header text as desired. Zero width means a column is hidden. Select File/Save, then File/Exit. Then select Done to dismiss the form and Ctrl-T to redisplay it with the changes. By doing this, you are setting the column widths and headers for all users on this job.

By default, the following fields are not displayed in the weld editor:

Remark2, Remark3, and Insp1Date through Insp5Date. To display any of these columns, edit their column widths to a nonzero value. A value of 1000 is a good starting point.

Maximum Lengths of Weld Attributes

Weld attribute values entered will be truncated to the following lengths. Note that in most cases, the space available on the drawing imposes a lower limit.

FitterID 10
Fit Date 10
WelderID 10
Welder2ID 10
Weld Date 10
Procedure 15
Remark 10
Remark2 15
Remark3 15
Insp1, 2 etc.   15
Insp1Date, Insp2Date, etc. 10

Insp1 is commonly used for RT inspection report numbers.

Long Inspection Report Numbers

Sometimes the inspection report numbers can be too long to fit in the space on the drawing. If you enter a report number that starts with a star (*), only the star will be shown on the drawing. The entire entry, including the star, will be shown in reports, up to a maximum of 15 characters.