Replicate Drawings


Replicating Drawings from Another Job

If you have a new project that is similar to or even identical to an earlier one, there is now a simple way to replicate some or all of the drawings from the earlier "source" project.

Ideally, the master files for the source and the current project should be the same. The new drawings will be assigned the same control numbers as they had in the previous job. You can use this feature for INST or FAB drawings.

To get started, switch to the new job and select File, Replicate…as shown. <cf>

Select the Source client and the Source job, then hit Select Source Control Numbers. <cf>

Select the drawings that you want to replicate. You can make multiple selections by using the Shift and Control keys.

Hit Done. <cf>

Details of the proposed operation are displayed:

Verify that the proposed operation is what you want, because it is not reversible. You may want to replicate just a few drawings first, to get a feel for how it works.

You can specify the new Drawn By initials, or retain the original initials. Be sure this selection is as desired before hitting Proceed. <cf>

In the current implementation of this feature, the control numbers are left unchanged. You will be warned if this would result in any overwrites. A check is also made to verify that sufficient drawing counts are available in the key to cover the proposed operation.

As part of the replication process, the process removes information that it is not appropriate to carry over to a new job. This includes revisions, heat numbers, welder and NDE information, and any boltup serial numbers or dates.