SW x SW x THRD Tee

Draw a SW Tee. Press Shift-F11 and select Item Appearance. Press the right arrow key as needed to put the blue circle on the tee. You get the dialog shown below. Click on the branch text box so it turns yellow as shown below.

Then click on ND-Pipe End as circled in red above, and choose image 1719, Female Thread.

To distinguish this tee from regular SW tees, click Code as Miscellaneous. Close the dialog.

Press Ctrl-Q to get into Change Quantity mode. Edit the description to show details of the item, including the material. The item will be listed at the end of the BOM, along with valves and other miscellaneous items as shown below.

When you draw on the branch, you may get an unwanted weld. Use Tools, Add or Remove Seal Welds to remove it.