Drawing Elbolets


How to add an elbolet in a regular direction or an odd direction.

First of all, be sure that SW Elbolets and/or BW Elbolets are turned on in the spec:

If the elbolet is going to be in a regular direction, click on the dimpoint of the elbow. Choose SWTH Branch, SW Elbolet or BW Branch, BW Elbolet.

There will be one possible elbolet image for each possible regular direction of the elbolet. Press the spacebar or right mouse button until the desired image is displayed, then left click or Enter.

Elbolet in Odd Direction

If the elbolet is to be in an odd direction, a different approach is needed. Instead of drawing the elbolet directly, you draw a sockolet or weldolet on one arm of the elbow. The sockolet or weldolet must point in the same direction as the desired elbolet.

Now select the branch (sockolet or weldolet) by pressing Shift F11 and clicking on the item tag. Then use the arrow keys to start to move the branch in the direction of the elbow’s dimpoint. A menu appears allowing you to convert the branch into an elbolet.

The branch moves to the dimpoint of the elbow. Press Enter to confirm or ESC to abandon the conversion.