How To Order More Drawings


Order more drawings via our online ordering system or by sending in an email.

Once you have used up most of the 100 drawings that came with your SpoolFab key, you will need to replenish the supply. This is easily done via email as described below. From the start window, select Help, Purchase more drawings.

The Add More Drawings window appears:

Note: You can now quickly and easily order with a credit card via our new online ordering system which is available 24/7.

Feel free to contact support if you need any assistance with using the online ordering system.

If you prefer to place an order manually:

Press Alt-PrintScreen to place a screenshot of this window on the clipboard. On a laptop keyboard, you may need to also hold down the “Function” or “Fn” key to get this to work. When you take a screenshot, there is no indication anything has happened. Compose an email to and press Ctrl-V to paste the screenshot into that email. Add a note to tell us how many drawings you want to order.

Drawings are $1.50 each, with bonuses for orders of 500 or more as shown below.

  • 500 gets a 5% bonus
  • 1000 gets a 10% bonus
  • 2000 gets a 20% bonus
  • 3000 gets a 30% bonus
  • 4000 gets a 40% bonus
  • 5000 gets a 50% bonus

For example, if you submit an order for 1000, you will receive 1000 + 100 = 1100 drawing counts and you will be billed 1000 x 1.50 = 1500.00.

If you want to use Visa or Mastercard, call 780-434-4452 with the details.

You will receive an email with a 28-character code like the one shown below. Copy and paste this code into Box 1 and all seven boxes will populate.

BC1A CA32 0829 8C5D E4DE 610A 4896

Press the Program Key button to update your key. Close and relaunch SpoolFab to make use of the added counts.