How to Draw Unusual Items Not in the Master Files


Learn to draw unusual items not defined in the Master Files with specific examples for API Flanges and Vesselets.

One Way To Draw a 2 9/16 API Flange in SpoolFab

(This approach can be used for other unusual items as well.)

Start by making sure that in your spec, under In-Line Accessories, Transition is turned on. <cf>

Where you want the API Flange to appear, draw a transition, but make the description “2 9/16 API Flange” or whatever variation you need and supply an appropriate weight and dimension.

Draw a similar pipe parallel to the first, and add a Weld Neck Flange. The Weld Neck Flange must be drawn last. So now your drawing looks like this:

Press F11 to get into select mode, and click on the tag of the the Transition item to select it.

Type the letter “T” to transfer the image from the last-drawn item (a weld neck flange) to the currently selected item.

Press Ctrl-X to delete the unwanted pipe.

Drawing a Vesselet

A Vesselet may be too rare to warrant adding it to the BW branches. So draw it as a miscellaneous item instead. You do this by first drawing a shoe at the vesselet location. Enter the description and weld size that you want as the vesselet description.

A vesselet will look rather like a weldolet, so provide a suitable image by drawing a weldolet a little farther along the same header.

Press F11 to get into select mode, Select the vesselet (which currently looks like a shoe) by clicking once on its tag. Press the “T” key on the keyboard. The weldolet’s image will transfer to the vesselet and the weldolet will disappear.

If you then add a flange, use the custom fitting dimension feature to adjust the dimension of the flange to allow for the dimension of the vesselet also.