Editing a Spec


Learn how to edit a SpoolFab specification (spec) inside of a job.

The Edit Specification window appears. While everything is important, the highest priority items are the maximum socket weld and threaded size, the walls & ratings, and the pipe & fitting materials.

Selecting Walls & Ratings:

Selecting Pipe & Fitting Materials:

To select the pipe material for 1.5 inch size, click on the cell for the Pipe Matl column and the 1.5 inch row, and select C-Carbon Steel Pipe. In the next menu, select B-A106-B, and then S-SMLS. Or you can just type the initial letters, CBS

Specifying an Entire Column at Once

You can clear a column by clicking on its header and selecting Clear All. This works for both Walls & Rating and Pipe & Fitting Materials. If you then specify the entry for the largest size, all smaller sizes will be populated where appropriate.

Limiting the Size Range

The windows under this selection determine which menu items appear during drawing. <cf>

Menus where you specify only one choice will be skipped over, so drawing will be faster. <cf>

Note that if you select more than ten items in each category, only the first ten will appear in the menu.

Select which schedules should be available in the spec:

To define which pipe wall schedules to make available in BW sizes, click on BW Sizes &Walls. If you ever get a message “No wall thickness choices available”, this is where you go to fix it.

Double-click on a column to select or unselect it.

Select Fittings To Appear on Menus:

If you enable just a single choice on any given menu, you can speed drawing by skipping that menu altogether. You can always come back later and change these selections.

Flanges and Ratings:

Reducers, Couplings, Caps and Branches:

Valves, Attachments, and In-line Accessories:

In SpoolFab 10 this also includes Bio-Pharm Valves, Tee-Type Valves and Clamps

Spec Settings to Appear on Fabrication Drawings

Settings in the spec are reflected on the drawing as shown below

The exact locations of these items on the drawing are defined in the layout, see document K0017 - layouts and how to modify them.

Which set of weld procedures is listed on the drawing (Standard or Alternate) depends on the PWHT setting, which is set in the Save As dialog, see below.