Drawing 3 and 4 Way Bio-Pharm Valves


Draw a variety of 3 and 4-way Bio-Pharmaceutical Valves such as Ball, Box, Diaphragm valves, and more.

Adding BPE valves to your spec and selecting one to draw

To draw BPE valves, it is important to first add them to your spec. In summary you go to Tools > Specification > Edit current spec, press "Pipe & Fitting Choices" and then click on the "Valves" button. Select some of the "Tee-Type Valves" which you would like to draw.

Beginning to Draw a BPE Valve

To draw a 3 or 4 way Bio-Pharm valve, open the drawing context menu and select Bio-Pharm Valve.

Then select the style of valve you want to draw. You will be able to change everything about the valve in the next step before finally displaying it to the page.

In this example we will be drawing a Ball Valve.

The Valve Edit Property Window

Then window will appear with a single row at the top and a table of rows at the bottom which will initially be empty.

Without doing anything you can simply click on Accept to draw a Ball Valve.

Usually, however, there is reason to change at least some of the properties of the Valve.
We will go over changing 3 common ones. The remaining properties can be changed the same way.

  1. Description
  2. Fitting Image
  3. Weight

1) Lets change the description by double-clicking in the "Description" box and specifying the desired description of the Valve. This description will appear on the Bill Of Materials.

2) Next, we will change the Fitting Image to a 4-way fitting image by quickly double clicking on the Fitting Image to bring up a window with our choices. Slowly double clicking will allow you to type instead.

After selecting the 127 Medium Cross, the Fitting Img number will change to 127.

Note: Size #4 and End Image #4 will be ignored unless you have selected a fitting image with 4 branches.

3) Next we will enter a weight by clicking on the cell and typing our valve's weight.

The units used can be configured from the start screen by going to Edit > Job/Spec Setup and under "Drawing Options" you can select the weight unit (kg/lb), size unit (mm/inch) and dimension unit (mm/inch). This is a job-wide setting.

Saving your New Valve to the List

We can save this item we have created to the list of Valves by clicking on the Add To List button.

You can make changes to any of the valves in this list either by,
- Replacing it by having a row selected and clicking Overwrite Selected
- Double clicking on any of the grid cells and editing the properties

Over time, you may populate this list with valves used in the job. The valves in the list are written to a file called JobMiscItems.json inside of your Job Folder.

Now, you can draw any one of your many valves in the list by selecting a cell in any one of the rows in the list and clicking Use As Current. This will replace the current item.

Click Accept to draw the valve you have selected or created in the single row at the top.

Finishing Drawing the Valve

Now, select a direction by right clicking and left click to place the valve. Then press F4 to regenerate the Bill of Materials and clean up the drawing.


The Bill of Materials will have a new entry listed with the description of your new valve.