Adding a New Material to the Master Files


How to Add a Material to SpoolFab’s Master Files

You can add materials to SpoolFab’s Master Files but of course other users will not have made the same addition, so you will need to allow for that if you send .apf or .api files to other SpoolFab users.

Suppose you feel you need to add A312 TP310S to the materials. First, check that it is not already present:

Select Edit, Master Files, Copy Mat’ls. Paste into Excel. Select Format, AutoFit Column Width. Search for 310. If you don’t find an existing entry, close Excel and select Material Categories.

Because row T, TP321 Stainless, has few entries, and TP310 has a unit weight not much different from TP321, let’s use row T for TP310 as well. With the focus on row T, select Utilities, Edit Description for TP321 and enter “TP310 and 321 Stainless”. <cf>

Again with the focus on row T, select Utilities, Edit Materials …You get a short list like the one shown.

Click Show Unused Rows, put the focus on an unused row, suppose it’s row D. <cf>

With the focus on row D, select Edit, Edit Description. Enter the new description, keeping it short – “A312 TP310S” is suggested.

Press the spacebar to place X in the In Use? Column as shown below. <cf>

Click OK. The new material is now available for use.