Adjusting Descriptions


Adjusting Miscellaneous Item Descriptions

When drawing miscellaneous items such as valves, gaskets, shoes etc. it is easy to accidentally enter two or more descriptions for the same item. This leads to multiple totals for the same item in the materials summary, under two descriptions that differ only slightly. This can be corrected using the Search and Replace batch function.

Setting Up Search and Replace

To set up Search and Replace, go to Fabrication Material Control and make sure to List All drawings.
Then Select Tools, Set up Search and Replace Requirements.

Click on Edit Preferred Descriptions

Double click on the first preferred description that needs editing and edit it as desired

Edit any other descriptions as required.

Once all the edits have been completed, make sure the box is checked as shown below.

Click on Select Drawings Requiring Above Changes.

Click Yes. You might need to figure out the selection yourself.

Get into Fabrication Drawings and select File, Batch Operation. Make the selections below, then click Proceed.