SpoolFab on a Laptop


If you are planning to use SpoolFab on a laptop computer, here is a suggested configuration:

Windows 10
512 GB SSD or hard disk
Screen resolution Full HD


At least one available USB port where you can plug in the SpoolFab key. The key (pictured) uses a type A port. The keyboard should include a numeric keypad, as it is useful for moving items on a drawing in isometric directions. It is useful if the machine includes Microsoft Excel

Many machines produced by Acer satisfy the above spec. The keyboard of an Acer Aspire F 15 is shown below.

About Function Keys on Laptops

On most laptops, the buttons on the top row of the keyboard default to acting as so-called media keys and are used to toggle wi-fi on and off, change the screen brightness etc. This is fine if you mostly use your computer for watching videos, but if you are running SpoolFab, Excel, or most other Windows applications,

it means that if you want to invoke a feature based on one of the function keys, you will have to hold down the Blue Fn key before pressing the function key. Not only does this require you to hold down an extra key, it means that if you

press F3 instead of Fn + F3 for example, you will turn off the wi-fi, and then if you are using SpoolFab, you will wonder why it can't find your key over the network.

The solution lies in changing the setup of the laptop so that pressing the Blue Fn key is not required. This is known as setting Function Lock, and usually involves changing a BIOS setting. If youare buying your laptop at a store, you may be able to get them to change this setting for you. If not, there are many YouTube videos on how to do this. Links to two of them are shown below.

If you have an Acer laptop:

If you have a Lenovo laptop: