Selecting Items Already Drawn


Select items you have drawn to delete or move one or more at a time.

Why Select Items?

Once you have selected a group of items, you can copy them, move them, or delete them. If the items are connected to the rest of the drawing by one or more pipes, you can move all the items without disturbing the drawing, provided the connecting pipes are parallel.

Getting Into Select Mode

To get into select mode, press F11. Then click on the tag of the item you want to select. Selected items and their tags display in blue. To unselect an item, click on its tag again.

Selecting A Branch

In select mode, you can select all items in a branch by Shift-Clicking on the tag of the first item of the branch, normally some kind of olet. You can then press Ctrl-C to copy the branch, then click elsewhere on the same header and select Paste. Or you can just use the numeric keypad keys to move the branch along the header.

Select All Connected Items

After clicking on an open end, one of the available selections is Select All Connected Items. Bounded Selection To select a lot of interconnected items, first delineate the group by selecting the items at its edge. Then shift-click the tag of one of the items inside the group.

Select a Group of Items for Moving (new in version 8-819)

To select a group of neighboring items but not the adjoining pipes, Ctrl-Click on the tag of one of the items.