Introduction to Material Control


Sort and select from the list of drawings or use the entire list. Generate a material summary, material search, item report, cut sheets, or a consolidated report in excel.

Material Control

There are two material control status tables, one for Installation drawings and one for Fabrication drawings.

Fabrication Material Control

When you save the first fabrication drawing in a job, the fabrication status table is created. The table contains one row for each control number, i.e. one row for each drawing. Reports such as Material Summary, Cut Sheets etc. are accessed via the File menu. These reports operate on the current list of drawings. The control numbers of drawings on the current list are shown in bold. In the example below, there are five drawings on the current list. To toggle an individual drawing on to or off the current list, double-click its control number, which is in the first column of the table. To select multiple contiguous rows, click on one row and hold down the left mouse button. Then drag the pointer across the rows to be selected and release the mouse button. Click the Add to List button or the Remove from List button as desired.

Material Summary

To make a bill of materials for the drawings on the current list, select File, Material Summary. The results are available as a text file or they can be viewed in Excel, if it is available. An example material summary is shown below.

Material Search

Material Search lists the same materials, listing each item in turn and showing in which drawings it appears, and in what quantity. A partial example is shown below.

Item Report

Item Report lists the same information as Material Search and Material Summary, but breaks it down by control number as shown in the example below.

Cut Sheets

Cut Sheets lists all lengths of pipe on all drawings in the current list, in the form of a WordPad document. Depending on your WordPad font settings, you may need to select a different font in order to optimize the layout. Courier New 10 point is recommended as in the example below. For convenience in loading automatic cutting machines, stars denote pipes that require holes for branches.

Consolidated Report in MS Excel

The Consolidated Report requires Microsoft Excel. It creates a workbook with separate tabs for: Status, Items, Welds and AutoLabor, as shown in the example below.

Sort Order in the Status Table

By default, the rows of the status table are sorted by control number. However, you can choose to sort by the contents of any column by double-clicking on its header. For example, if you want to select all the drawings that use a particular spec, double-click the Spec column header first. Drawings will then be sorted by spec, making it easy to select all drawings using any given spec.