SpoolFab 10 Beta

SpoolFab 10 has a modern, high-resolution interface, with features such as dark mode and scroll wheel zoom.
We are rolling out the beta to select customers.

Thanks for requesting. If you are an existing SpoolFab user, you do not need to order a new key.
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Major Improvements

Beta is now stable.

Dark Mode

Let your eyes relax with our brand new chalkboard appearance.

Scroll Wheel Zooming

Ultra-smooth zooming in and out on even your most complex drawings.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Fittings

Supports multiple fittings with clamped ends, clamps, and new 3 & 4 way valves.

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Non-Pixelated & Anti-Aliased

View non-jagged lines, curves, text, pipes, and fittings with clarity.

Modern High-Resolution UI

Faster, easier to use interface and higher resolution with all the existing functionality of SpoolFab 8.

Fully Backwards Compatible

Share files with users of SpoolFab 8* and install parallel to SpoolFab 8.
*Except drawings w/ SpoolFab 10 exclusive fittings, such as Bio-Pharm.