Setting up the Title Block


Brand images and print-outs of your drawings by setting up a custom title block.

In this document, “Title Block” refers to a rectangular area near the mid-base of the drawing which holds text and/or graphics that identify the organization responsible for producing the drawing. Typically it holds either the logo or the name and address of the organization.

Setting up the Title Block

Select Fabrication Drawings and then press ESC to dismiss the initial starting point selection. Right-click approximately where you want the top line of text in the title block to start, and select Note. Enter the text, perhaps something like “ABC Fabricators Inc.” Select Done, then press the spacebar until the text has the desired orientation. Pressing Shift-Up will increase the text size and Shift-down will reduce it. You can adjust the text location using the arrow keys. The text remains red until you accept it by pressing Enter. You can add more lines of text if desired. The result will look something like this:

To use the text of the notes in the title block, select Set/Notes as Title Block. The title block text will now be superimposed on the original notes:

To remove the original notes, press Ctrl-A to select all, then press the delete key.

To see how this works, select Set/Edit Title Block Source.

The first line of TitleBlock.txt sets the font for the title block to Arial. Resist the temptation to change to a more exotic font, because not every computer may have it installed.

Lines 2 through 6 define the position, size and content of the first line of text, and lines 7through 11 define the second line. The remaining five lines show how to place an image along with the text.

If you choose to go with a text-based title block, you can now fine-tune the size and position of the text by editing the title block source, and remove the last five lines.

Note that the Logo Height value is negative.

Another option is to make up a jpeg file with your company logo, approximately 500pixels wide by 180 tall, and omit the text lines. One way to do this is to paste a screen capture of the logo into MS Paint, select the desired portion, and save it to the job’s Fabrication folder. An example result is shown below

To copy the title block to another job, copy TitleBlock.txt and the logo file (if any) to the new job’s Fabrication folder or Installation folder. If the jobs are using different layouts, you may need to adjust the coordinates in TitleBlock.txt to suit.

Faster Setup of New Jobs

As of SpoolFab version 8-809, when you are setting up a new job under an existing client, as you can opt to copy the layout, settings, title block and specs from an existing job under the same client, see below.