Showing the Progress of Inspection in the Status Table


Show the progress of inspection for each spool in the Status Table.

Showing the Progress of Inspection in the Status Table

SpoolFab can document the progress of inspection on the Status Table. Suppose you are using Insp2 for magnetic particle inspection. When a weld has passed MPI, you put the inspector’s initials in the relevant cell in the table as shown. An entry of N/A means the inspection is not applicable to that particular weld.

Screenshot of part of the Edit Welds window

The program counts the number of initials and expresses it as a percentage of the total shop welds. If there are a total of seven shop welds on the spool, the above example would produce a result of 3 out of 6 or 50%for RT (Insp1) and 3/7 or 43% for MPI (Insp2).  In contrast to the existing %COMPLETE parameter, every weld not marked as N/A is equally weighted.

The calculation is triggered by the inclusion of a status header that contains the string “%Insp1” or “%Insp2” etc. up to “%Insp5”. For example, you could put “MPI %Insp2”.

The result appears in the status table as 50%, 43% etc. 

You also have the option of entering the inspection date in the field’s Insp1Date, Insp2Date etc. If every relevant weld has an inspector’s initials (so that inspection is 100% complete) plus a date, the program will display the latest date instead of just showing 100%.  Some examples are shown below.

By using Set, Column Widths and Headers, you can customize the headers to show Visual instead of Insp1 etc. This does not affect the reserved headers; they must still contain %Insp1, %Insp2 etc.