PCD Files for ProCam and PypeServer


PCD Output for ProCam or PypeServer

SpoolFab can generate PCD files for use with HGG machines via ProCam or for certain other machines via Pypeserver. To start, get into fabrication drawings and select Tools/Machine Settings/Settings for HGG Machine. Then set up your machine details along the lines of the following:

To test your setup, display a fabrication drawing that includes at least one pipe. Select Tools/Create PCD file for HGG machine. SpoolFab writes a PCD file that includes all pipes on the drawing in a single PCD file. The file takes its name from the drawing’s control number and has the extension .PCD. Every pipe is included, regardless of size.

The generated file is displayed in NotePad as shown:

For actual production work, you will probably want to generate PCDfiles for many drawings at once. Start by selecting which drawings you want to process. There are two main ways to make this selection:

  1. Directly from the fabrication drawing window, select File/Make New List and select the desired control numbers. This is convenient provided you know which control numbers you want.
  1. Make your selection from Fabrication Material Control. This lets you sort drawings based on status headers, and is probably the most frequently used method.

To generate the PCD files for the selected drawings, from Fabrication Drawings, select File/Batch Operation.

Check the box for Generate PCD files for HGG Profiling Machine, and click Proceed. The files are written to the PMP folder under the current job.

For help with generating HGG files, send email to SpoolFab@gmail.com.

When generating PCF files that involve olets, you may get a message

This happens when the dimension files for olets do not include hole diameter information.  Seven updated master files for olets are available on request. Their contents are listed on the following pages.

Before adopting the replacement files, you may want to compare them with your existing settings and take note of any required edits.

Dimension files for 3000# and 6000#Sockolets, including hole diameters:

Dimension files for 3000# and 6000# Thredolets, including hole diameters:

Dimension file for STD Weldolets, including hole diameters:

Dimension file for XH Weldolets, including hole diameters:

Dimension file for 160/XXH Weldolets, including hole diameters: