Cut Sheet Branch Indicators


In cut sheet listings the normal pipe description is sometimes followed by a star plus some codes, as highlighted in the example below.

The purpose of these codes is to warn the operator of an automatic profiling machine that the machine will at some point reposition the pipe in order to cut holes for branches. The operator may want to check that the hole diameters specified in the cutting program are correct, as for some fittings the correct diameter can vary by manufacturer.

The code “0.75 BSF3” means one hole will be cut for a ¾ inch3000# Sockolet, corresponding to the screenshot below. If there are two or three such holes, the code would be preceded by “Q2” or“Q3” as appropriate.

The code “2 BWWH” means one hole will also be cut for a 2 inch Sch40s Stub-On Nozzle. Since this code is not preceded by “Q2”, “Q3” etc., only one of these holes is required.

BW corresponds to BW branches, the second W means row W of the BWMaster file, and the H corresponds to Schedule 40s.

As of SpoolFab version 8-906, there is an option to omit cut sheet branch indicators by checking the box in the lower left corner of the Cut Sheets form as highlighted below.