Taps on Blind Flanges


Taps on Blind Flanges, Orifice Flanges, Bleed Rings etc.

You can draw a sockolet on to a blind flange or tapped blind flange in the normal way. If you want to use a nipple, see below.

The following can also be used for connections to Orifice Flanges and Bleed Rings.

Click in open space close to where you want to draw the connection.

  1. Choose Draw Pipe/Fittings Here.
  2. Choose the direction of the connection.
  3. Choose the size of the connection.
  4. Choose Coupling, PBE Pipe Nipple, and enter the nipple length. Up and Down arrows will make the nipple appear larger or smaller, spacebar toggles image choice.
  5. Click or press Enter to accept the nipple. Since the nipple is not officially connected to anything, its weld will be a field weld. To change the weld to a shop weld, hold down the Shift key and click on the weld. Then change it to a shop weld in the Weld Properties dialog as shown below.

To put an Olet on a Miscellaneous Item such as a wide bleed ring or a transition:

  1. In open space, draw a pipe parallel to the miscellaneous item.
  2. Add the olet.
  3. Delete the pipe. This will make the olet weld switch to a field weld.
  4. Shift click on the olet weld and switch it from field weld to shop weld
  5. Move the olet to the desired location.