Hydrotest Volume


Showing Hydrotest Volume on the Status Table

The internal volume capacity of all items on a drawing can be shown on the status table using the procedure described in document

K0013-Add-Parameters-to-the-Status-Table, which can be found atspoolfab.com/pdfsf.php.

Showing Hydrotest Volume on the Drawing

Provided you are using SpoolFab version 8-846 or later, showing the volume on the drawing requires just an additional line in the layout as highlighted in the example below. The safest way to experiment with this is to modify the file Template.asl in the Fabrication folder. Once you have adjusted the settings to your liking, you may want to make the same change to the layout, as described inK0017-Layouts-and-How-To-Modify-Them.

The highlighted line shown places the volume figure at coordinate1000,1000. You will probably want to place it at a different location.

If you need a different text size, change SI1,1 to SI1.2,1.2 for larger text or SI0.9,0.9 for smaller text.

The calculated result is shown along with units ft3 or m3, dependingon whether dimensions are shown in inches or mm.