Drawing Bio-Pharm Use Point


How to draw Bio-Pharm Use Points

Bio-Pharm Use Points are shown on page 28 of the MaxPure catalog. These items are represented in SpoolFab by a combo item which consists of three regular items that are treated as one for most purposes.

In the MaxPure catalog a Use Point looks like a U-tube with a small outlet at the bottom. On a SpoolFab isometric it is represented by something like a football goal-post. The Use Point shown has a welded outlet. Others have a clamped outlet, which can point down or sideways.

To draw a Use Point, you need to draw its three component items. The items are then converted into a single Combo item as illustrated below.

Use Point in Catalog
Component Parts
Use Point in SpoolFab

To draw a Use Point starting with the left upright, draw pointing down and select UP Ell Long-Short (Use Point Elbow Long-Short). This draws an elbow with the first arm extra long and the second arm extra short.

Then add Tee, Outlet Welded, or Tee, Outlet Clamped, depending on which Use Point you are drawing. This tee has a very short run and a relatively long branch. It is up to you to make the correct choice of outlet (Welded or Clamped) and to make the branch the correct size and pointing in the correct direction.

To add the right upright, select UP Ell Short-Long, which draws an elbow with the first arm extra short and the second extra long.

If Auto Detect Combo Items is enabled, the convert new combo item menu appears. Be sure to choose the correct item type. <cf>

If Auto Detect Combo Items is not enabled, press F11 to get into select mode. Then select the three items that are to comprise the Use Point, and select Tools, Convert to Combo Item. Auto Detect can be toggled on and off by using the appropriate entry in the Tools menu, circled in red. <cf>

A completed Use Point can be selected, moved or deleted just like any other item, and is represented by a single entry in the Bill of Materials.

A completed Use Point can also be split into its component parts by selecting the combo item following by Tools, Split Combo Item.

You can even change the outlet orientation without redrawing the Use Point. Just click on the open end of the outlet and select Adjust Roll Angle. Enter the vector components of the new outlet direction, then convert the group into the appropriate combo item.