Vernon Cutting Machine Output


File Formats

This article is about the generation of PMP (Pipe Machine Program)files for Vernon cutting machines. Depending on the software being used, your Vernon machine may also be able to work with other filetypes such as .PCD files and/or .RTP files, which can also be generated by SpoolFab. More information on using those file types can be found in documents K0048 and K0026.


To set up your machine, view a fabrication drawing and select Tools, Machine Settings, Settings for Vernon Machine, as shown below.

You will likely need to at least set the Weld Prep Angle as shown below.

Click Done when finished with the machine settings.

To Produce a Single PMP File

View a drawing that has at least one piece of pipe, 2 inch size or larger.

Press F11 to get into select mode, then click on the tag of the pipe you want to cut. Select Tools, Create PMP File for Vernon Machine. The file is written to the PMP folder of the current job and is also displayed using NotePad, as shown in the example below.

Creating PMP Files for Multiple Drawings

To create PMP files from multiple fabrication drawings, first selectthe relevant drawings either in Fabrication Material Control ordirectly from the Fab drawing by selecting File, Make New List.

Check the option Generate Pipe Machine Programs (PMP files) files forVernon Machine. Then hit the Proceed button.

The resulting .PMP files are written to the job’s PMP folder. The files are generated for pipes 2 inch size and larger.

PMP Filenames

A typical PMP filename is shown below.


In this example,

003 means the size is 3 inch

CBS is the SpoolFab three letter code for the material

I00140 means the cut length is 140 mm. The initial letter I means schedule 40.

F00004 is the drawing’s control number

-1 means it is the first item listed in the bill of materials

Here are the schedules denoted by the letters G through R:

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