Output for Rotary Tube Pro


Send files to automatic profilers via Rotary Tube Pro

Check Master Files are Up to Date

If you are going to use SpoolFab’s Rotary Tube Pro output, first go to the relevant Master Files and select Material Categories. If the RTPGroup column is not present, request an updated copy of MTMaster.ac2 by contacting us.

If you use branches such as olets, sockolets, or thredolets, check that your dimension files include the relevant hole diameters as shown below.

Screenshots of other relevant branches follow at the end of this document. Check that the hole diameters given correspond to the fittings you are using.

Settings for Rotary Tube Pro

The settings are in a file called RTPSettings.txt which is located in the user’s Application Data/SpoolFab folder.

Line 1 must be either Units=Inch or Units=mm.

Line 2 must define the weld prep angle.

These are followed by lines that define the process to be used based on material and maximum wall thickness. The process definition lines can begin with MS;, SS;, or AL;. Note that each process definition line contains two semicolons.

The program adopts the first process that satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The material MS, SS, AL corresponds to the RTPGroup shown in MTMaster.
  2. . The wall thickness of the piece being cut is less than the maximum wall thickness shown for the process.

Creating RTP Output for a Single Spool

You can use SpoolFab to create an .RPD (Rotary Tube Pro) files for a single fabrication drawing as follows:

  1. Load the fabrication drawing.
  2. Select Tools/Create Rotary Tube Pro file.
  3. The RPD files will be written to the job’s PMP folder and then displayed in NotePad.

Understanding the RTP Filename

The name of the generated RTP file contains information about the item, see below.

In this example, G means Standard Wall. Other schedules are listed below.

A Sch 5s
B Sch 10s
C Sch 10
D Sch 20s
E Sch 20
F Sch 30
G Std
H Sch 40s
I Sch 40
J Sch 60
L Sch 80s
M Sch 80
N Sch 100
O Sch 120
P Sch 140
Q Sch 160

Creating RTP Files for Multiple Drawings

To create RTP files from multiple fabrication drawings, first select the relevant drawings either in Fabrication Material Control or directly from the Fab drawing by selecting File, Make New List.

Check the option Generate RPD files for Rotary Tube Pro as shown below. Then hit the Proceed button.

The resulting .RPD files are written to the job’s PMP folder. The files are generated for pipes 2 inch size and larger.

Feedback on the RPD output can be directed to us via our contact page.

Examples of Other Relevant Dimension Files

Check that the dimensions shown correspond to the fittings you are using, and edit them if necessary.

To Access the Above Dimension Files

Example: To change the hole diameter for a 3000# Sockolet, select Edit, Master Files, SW/TH Branches. Put the focus on row F, in the 3000# column. Then press F3 or select Edit dimensions for 3000# Sockolet as indicated below.