Drawing Large Tees And Laterals


Add custom branch dimensions to be able to draw outside of the default sizes and reduction limits of SpoolFab.

Example: 96 x 24 inch Lateral

Suppose you need to draw a 96 x 24 inch lateral. This represents a reduction of 36sizes, so it is beyond the scope of SpoolFab’s dimension files. However, you can still draw this fitting as follows:

First, find out what the dimensions of the fitting are supposed to be.

Drawing at 96 inch size, select Tee, Reducing Lateral. <cf>

Draw a 96 x 48 reducing lateral, because 48 is the smallest branch size offered. <cf>

You will get messages like the one below about all three arms of the lateral:

The lateral has been drawn, but it has no dimensions and the wrong branch size. Click on the end of the branch and change its size to 24 inch.

The lateral is now complete except it has no dimensions

Custom Fitting Dimensions

A lateral has three dimensions, all starting from the point where the branch intersects the header. Press Ctrl-F then click on the midpoint of each arm in turn and enter the appropriate dimension.

To check the dimensions have been entered correctly, press Shift F11, select Item Information, and press the right arrow key until the focus is on the lateral. Inspect the dimensions (on green background) and the X and Y coordinates and confirm that the dimensions have been entered correctly and on the correct arms. It is possible for the arm numbering to differ from that shown here.

Adjusting Dimensions for Large Tees

For tees 42 inch and above, you may need to adjust one or more dimensions. You can do this using the Custom Fitting Dimension feature as follows.

Select Tools, Custom Fitting Dimension or use the shortcut, Ctrl+F. The cursor changes to a vertical arrow.

Then click on the midpoint of the arm of the tee that you want to adjust.

Enter the new dimension in the dialog shown below.